Pet Sitting

Looking for a trusted & loving dog sitter in Oceanside? You found us! While you’re away, we'll keep an eye on your four legged loved ones. No need to bring them to us, we'll come to you.


LIVE webcam with full control at your finger-tips – 24/7 monitoring



Get keepsake photos of your pet(s) with two updates each day



Administer Medication and/or Supplements if needed

An In-Home Pet Sitting service you'll be glad to use!

We are the best dog sitter in Oceanside, CA!

Does your pup do great when you are at work or away from home? Then it’s more than likely In-home Pet Sitting is the perfect boarding service when you are away. Your pup is in the comfort of their own home; a place they know & love. We’ve made it easy & fast for all pet-parents to book a reservation when they need it.

Still not sure if in-home pet sitting is right for your pup?
No worries! Believe it or not—behind the love, licks, petting, fun and hugs—there is a science behind caring for dogs. Our experiences combined with the science is what makes us experts and the most qualified in our industry. Please call us today to discuss if in-home pet sitting is right for your pup(s).

How does in-home pet sitting work?
Every pup’s day is different when it comes to feeding, administering medication and/or supplements, special requests, etc. We like to keep things very consistent and time sensitive to assure your pup is receiving the best care in every aspect. Please call or email us if you would like to know more about our daily timeline.

For new pack members we require you to schedule a meet & greet. This is a great time for us to meet your whole family, and for your family to meet us. Entrusting us with your loved one(s) is important and we hold that trust close to our hearts. Your pup’s happiness always comes first.

For all existing pack members—you may schedule your reservation through TimetoPet or call us at (760) 712-4797. Also, feel free to email us.

All reservations will be answered and confirmed as soon as possible.

No security deposit is needed and there is no cancellation fee!

Do I need to do or provide anything prior to my departure?
Yes! We need two keys to enter your household. We always like to have two keys for emergency purposes. Also, the code to your alarm system (if there is one) so we may arm and disarm.

During our meeting to obtain household keys—we’ll be sure to note everything so nothing is missed. This includes the following information: feeding instructions, medication and/or supplement instructions, special requests, emergency phone numbers, etc. We’ll also set you up on TimetoPet (if you aren’t set up already) so we may keep you updated and you may update us on anything you may have missed prior your departure. Reminder, you’ll still have first-point contact with us no matter what.

Full payment is due prior to or on check-in date. Credit/Debit number will be kept on file.

What if I come home early?
No problem! You are entitled to a 100% refund for nights that are not used. You can also use it as credit for another time and service. The choice is yours!

CHECK OUT OURIn-Home Pet Sitting packages!

$70/per night
  • LIVE webcam with full control at your finger-tips - 24/7 monitoring
  • 4 in-home visits
  • Full access to speak with sitter
  • Photos with two updates each day
  • Unlimited Potty Breaks (poop bags provided)
  • Feeding & Fresh water
  • Administer Medication and/or Supplements if needed
  • Two 15-minute Neighborhood Walks with GPS Tracking
  • Delicious Treat
  • Safe & Happy well-taken care of pup
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